Of Earth And Sun Music

Of Earth And Sun CVR 01

Of Earth And Sun:  Matthew Hunzeker: Bone Horns, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drum Loops, Loops, Oscillators, Effects and Tape Manipulation.

All songs recorded live on one track, no overdubs, in Hunzeker Studios 2013-2014.

I am very pleased to announce that Of Earth And Sun will be working with Malignant Records for the release of my forthcoming album. The album is tentatively scheduled to come out in early 2015. More details TBA.





Of Earth And Sun live @ The Acheron, Brookly, NY 10.9.2014 Photo by Gretchen Heinel


Contact Matthew Hunzeker @ 

ofearthandsun@gmail.com and http://facebook.com/ofearthandsun