Heathen Harvest premier and write up of the new official music video for the track ‘Outpouring’ from Of Earth And Sun’s ‘A Consuming Fire’ by Kate MacDonald with video by Dominic Marceau

‘Following on the heels of 2015’s UncoiledOf Earth and Sun have returned with a new album A Consuming Fire. This new release builds on the (considerable) strengths of the previous album, drawing the listener into its cathartic, purifying maelstrom of sound and emotion over the course of its five tracks.’

Excellent review by Kate MacDonald at Heathen Harvest Periodical of ‘Uncoiled’ by Of Earth And Sun out now on Malignant Records. 

‘…it sounds like a post-apocalyptic ritual conducted in the remains of an irradiated church…’

Review by Side-Line Magazine of Uncoiled, by Of Earth And Sun.
‘This is a brilliant piece of electronic tormented arrangements.’

Review of Of Earth And Sun’s CD ‘Uncoiled’ by Noise Receptor.

‘..Rather intriguingly the album liner notes indicate that the tracks were recorded live in a single take and with no overdubs, which functions to highlight the skill and control displayed in the execution of ‘Uncoiled’..’

Great review of Uncoiled by Traumatic Static Webzine

“The intensity of this record is staggering”

The Summer issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine, available now has an interview by Of Earth And Sun in the ‘Dark Entries/Dark Ambient’ section along with label mates The Vomit Arsonist and Kristoffer Oustad.

Click image to read/view 2015-08-18-04-14-09

Review by Chain D.L.K. of Uncoiled out on Malignant Records.

‘…the idea here was to create a chilling and intense sonic experience, something that transcend the body to bring you to another place and another state of mind…’

Interview in ‘Are You Morbid’ Magazine


Best Of Denver, Denver Westord 2015

Review by The Grim Tower of ‘Uncoiled’ 

‘…otherworldly textures and a soundscape that almost feels as if it’s coming from a higher plane.’

‘…you have been forewarned…’

Reveiw by NecroWeb of Of Earth And Sun’s CD ‘Uncoiled’ (German)

‘Uncoiled is an interesting output, with which the protagonist has created a fine niche…’

Westword Denver, Critic’s Choice{“issue_id”:233752,”view”:”articleBrowser”,”article_id”:”1859959″}

Brooklyn Vegan, Father Murphy, Of Earth And Sun, Theologian, and Oneirogen live @ The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY