Of Earth And Sun – 9 (TETH) from, ‘The Echoing Black’ Malignant Records compilation album

Of Earth And Sun, ‘A Consuming Fire’ is available now. The cassette tape released by Maniacal Hatred is sold out. The album is presently only available digitally from Maniacal Hatred and Of Earth And Sun.


‘A Consuming Fire’ full album with album art plus bonus track, ‘Live In Minneapolis’

Of Earth And Sun, ‘Uncoiled’ CD out on Malignant Records is available now on digital format or on CD direct from Malignant Records at http://Malignant

Please email Malignant Records or myself for any inquiries about reviews or interviews.

Of Earth And Sun, 'Uncoiled' CD available from Malignant Records

I’m currently sold out of artist copies of ‘Uncoiled’


The Malignant IV download comp is available now. Of Earth And Sun has a solo track and a collaborative track with Shibalba that will be on this one. I am really pleased with the outcome of the collaboration between Of Earth And Sun and Shibalba and I hope you also enjoy, it was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with Shibalba for this compilation. 

Of Earth And Sun Live In Minneapolis Album Art 02

Kalpamantra Malignant III

Malignant Records III compilation album (Kalpamantra)

‘Endless Descent Into Oblivion’

With tracks by Of Earth And Sun, ‘Coil Of Fire’ and

Theologian/Of Earth And Sun,’Wrest The Soul From Its Furnace’

Of Earth And Sun (self titled album)


Wonderful review by Lux Atenea for Of Earth And Sun’s self titled release October 9th 2014

Of Earth And Sun BACK COVER

Invocation EP self release on Bandcamp by Of Earth And Sun