Currently booking Summer 2017 more info/updates to be announced, please visit:

March 18th @ Mutiny Information Cafe, in Denver, CO with Analfabetism (Sweden/Malignant Records), and A light Among Many

August 11-13 – APEX FEST VII/APEX XX @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY


Past fest info:


Please email OR message the OEAS Facebook pg @ for all booking inquiries.



January 19th – Denver, CO with Many Blessings, and A Light Among Many

 July 30th 2016 – Pittsburgh, PA with Apocyphos, Murderous Vision, and Compactor

July 27th 2016 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class – with Murderous Vision, and Apocryphos

June 30th 2016 – Denver, CO @ Syntax Physic Opera – with Sonolumina, and Ghosts of Glaciers

February 5th 2016 @ Forge Gallery, Boulder, CO with others, more TBA

January 15th 2016 with others at 1010 Workshop, Denver CO (1010 Santa Fe St. Denver)

December 5th 2015 with Church Fire, Nighttimeschoolbus and others with live visuals by PERU @ Tennyson’s Tap, Denver, CO

October 9th 2015 with FRKSE, Vehement Caress, and Skinny Bones @ Deep Thoughts, Boston, MA

October 10th 2015 with The Vomit Arsonist, FRKSE, and Power Monster @ as220, Providence, RI

September 5 2015 Oakland Industrial and Noise Festival @ Life Changing Ministry, Oakland, CA

July 19th 2015 with Echo Beds, and Coral Remains (OAK) @ Rhinoceropolis, Denver, CO

6.19/20.2015 Minneapolis Industrial – Noise Fest 2015 Minneapolis, MN

6.1.2015 with Pedestrian Deposit (L.A.), Morlox and Card 13 @ The Toad Tavern, Denver, CO

5.30.2015 with Church Fire, Hideous Men, Chicharra @ Syntax Physic Opera, Denver, CO

5.29.2015 with Screw Tooth @ Three Kings Tavern, Denver, CO

5.25.2015 @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO with others for NecroComicCon

5.1.2015 Denver Noise Fest 2015 @ Rhinoceropolis, Denver, CO

5.6.2015 with Yao Guai, Mirror Fears, and Dj Hepster Pat @ The Walnut Room, Denver, CO

5.16.2015 Occult Show with others @ Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver, CO

4.16.2015 with The Kappa Cell, and ALTO @ The Lion’s Lair, Denver, CO

3.25.2015 Of Earth And Sun, with Father Murphy, Shroud, and Echo Beds @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO

3.14.2015 Of Earth And Sun, with Well Yells, and Daniel Wyche, and Doll Food, @ Space Oddities, Chicago, IL

3.15.2015 Of Earth And Sun, with Auditor, Rasplyn, and cinchel @ The Burlington, Chicago, IL

3.3.2015 Of Earth And Sun with others @ 753 Santa Fe St, Denver, CO

3.2.2015 Of Earth And Sun, with Cpt. Howdy, and Kurta @ The Skylark, Denver, CO

2.12.2015 with Entropic Advance, Shroud, and Carrot Eaters @ The Walnut Room, Denver, CO

1.22.2015 Of Earth And Sun, Victoria Lundy, and helloprobie @ The Skylark, Denver, CO

1.17.2015 Of Earth And Sun, Biostatic, Anna Smith @ La Cour Art Bar, Denver, CO

1.15.2015 Of Earth And Sun, Sister Grotto, Stephen Molyneux @ Leon Gallery, Denver, CO

12.27.2015 Of Earth And Sun, SFOA, Baptized In Sin, Wolf-Rilla Von Man-Ape @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO

12.6.2014 Of Earth And Sun @ The Lions Lair, Denver, CO 

11.1.2014 Of Earth And Sun, and Church Fire, with live visuals by Myxt Media @ Black Shirt Brewing Co. Denver, CO

10.9.2014 Of Earth And Sun, Theologian, Father Murphy, and Oneirogen @ The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY. 8pm

Brooklyn Vegan Info for show at The Acheron:

9.22.2013 Of Earth And Sun, Docteur Faust, The Kappa Cell and Carrot Eater Music @ The Walnut Room Denver, CO

9.19.2014 Of Earth And Sun and others TBA @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO.

9.12.2014 Of Earth And Sun, and Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (Chicago) @ Dikeou (Colfax location), Denver, CO

8.16.2014 Of Earth And Sun, Black Magic Darkness, and Dr. Zilog @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO. 9pm

8.12.2014 Of Earth And Sun LIVE with Keldari Station, Phythian Whispers, and Church Fire, with DJ sets by Catdog @ Lost Lake, Denver, CO. 7pm

8.2.2014 Of Earth And Sun Live with Capt. Howdy, Sleepdial, and Kid Mask, Phythian Whispers @ The Deer Pile, Denver, CO 8:30pm.

7.26.2014 Of Earth And Sun and others TBA, @ Bar Bar, Denver, CO 9pm.

6.29.2014 Of Earth And Sun LIVE with host Biostatic and others @ Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver, CO 7pm.

5.16.2014 Of Earth And Sun LIVE @ Showpen Residency, Denver, CO, 7pm (Gallery Exhibit opens at 7pm).

5.1.2014 Of Earth And Sun, Card 13, and Pedestrian Deposit @ GLOB, Denver, CO 10pm doors.

2.7.2014 OEAS live, The Mothership at The Dark Star Lounge, Denver, CO

12.19.2013 OEAS live, Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver, CO, 8pm ALL AGES.

11.29.2013 Of Earth And Sun, Live @ Crash 45, Denver, CO 8pm.

11.10.2013 Of Earth And Sun, Live at Bar Bar, Denver, CO

2013 Of Earth And Sun, Radio Play, Aural Apocalypse, Los Angeles, CA 11.6.2013

2013 Of Earth and Sun, Live at Crash 45, Denver, CO

2013 Of Earth And Sun, Live at 7th Circle Music Collective, Denver, CO

2013 Of Earth And Sun, ‘self titled’ release on bandcamp

2013 Of Earth And Sun/Scrap Metal Militia, Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO

2013 Of Earth And Sun Live, Showpen Residency, ‘Sick And Twisted’, Denver, CO

2013 Of Earth And Sun Live, Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO

-‘San’ Aug 28th 7pm Hinterland, Denver, CO

-August 7th, 8pm Of Earth And Sun (with others,) at The Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO

-June 5th-11th ‘Matthew Hunzeker’ ‘Live-Audio-Relational-Audio’ Barter Collective, In SITE, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO

-June 1st 2013 ‘Of Earth And Sun’, Bliss Cafe, Crestone, CO

-May 9th 2013 ‘Of Earth And Sun’, Denver Noise Fest, Rhinoceropolis, Denver, CO